We’ve forged a new educational path for students to become mature, wise, productive adults who live purposeful, fulfilling lives.


Graduate with your bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years

Gain hands on experience in the field of your choice

Become wise, mature, and productive through holistic education and discipleship

Begin with no loans and end with no debt

Learn to thrive in the context of community

phase 1

the core

phase 2

the practicum


into a flourishing life


The Excel College Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies, Integrated Economy, and Critical Thinking allows you to gain hands on experience in the field of your choice while providing you with the context to grow intellectually, spiritually, practically, professionally, and missionally. 

2 phases.
30 months.

In Phase 1 (The Core) build a foundation for the rest of your life as you journey with your cohort through what has been traditionally called, “the Liberal Arts”  and come to understand our common human calling. In Phase 2 (The Practicum) discover and pursue your personal kingdom calling through hands on experience in the field of your choice. All while you: live in community, flourish through discipleship, and grow by experiential learning.

The Core Program

The Core Program


As carriers of the “Imago Dei,” each and every one of us is called to represent God to the world and bring His Kingdom to Earth. In The Core Program, we study one subject at a time in the flow of the biblical narrative to lay a foundation for this common human calling – a foundation from which to build your life.

In the current system, knowledge is fragmented. But our modular, sequential curriculum restores the unity of knowledge through the flow of the biblical narrative. From Theology to Biology and even on to Anthropology and Fine Arts, our unique Core Curriculum walks you through what has traditionally been called “the Liberal Arts” in a way you’ve never experienced before.

phase 1

The Practicum

The Practicum


For most people, your calling is not about what you do – it’s about who you are. And then what you do flows out of who you are. In the Practicum phase, we help you discover your passions, gifts, and strengths while you get hands on experience in the field of your choice through an apprenticeship, internship, or self-directed research study.

EMPHASIZE in Your Field of Study

Excel College’s partner network offers students a broad variety of emphases across multiple industries. Current fields of study include: web design, community and program development, entrepreneurial leadership, missions, biblical studies, construction, property management, photography and videography, and bookkeeping. 

Learn property management, landscaping, and residential construction with RS Construction Group. The team has renovated or built all of the buildings on the Excel Black Mountain Campus.
Website Design
Learn the art of website design and product development with Story Culture Media.
Photography and Videography
Real Estate
Get your real estate agent's license and start building a network or learn to develop and manage properties.
Community and Program Development
Work with the Campus Life team to cultivate culture and plan activities or apprentice with one of our local partners to administer various community programs.

Don’t see the field you are interested in? We are constantly adding new partnerships as we help students build out advancement plans. Talk to our admissions team to see if we can help you pursue an emphasis that is right for you! Contact admissions.

3 steps to get you there

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Step 1: Discover

Our team will help you identify your unique callings and understand how they could be exercised for the benefit of the marketplace and community around you.

Step 2: Plan

After discovering your calling, we'll walk alongside you to craft a personalized plan to achieve proficiency in your field of choice. Receive credit based on outcomes achieved — not on test scores.

Step 3: Advance

The most important part of any plan is execution. In the Advance Stage, you’ll grow through hands on experience, accountability, and one on one coaching all the way through.

phase 2

Throughout Your Time, You will...


live within


Phase 1 (The Core) and for many, Phase 2 (The Practicum), takes place on our Excel Black Mountain campus in the beautiful mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina. You’ll learn to thrive in real homes (not dorms), prepare and eat real meals (not cafeteria food) and build real, lifelong friendships in a community of like-minded people following Jesus into a life of flourishing.

For many, our community has been the biggest part of their growth journey. Whether it’s hiking or visiting waterfalls, playing soccer and grilling out on the weekends, interacting with the faculty and staff who live on campus, worshipping together and getting to know God deeper in one of our community gatherings, or experiencing the eclectic culture of Asheville, your time here will be full of moments that help you come to life.
Experience Adventure
Excel College is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Boredom is not an option.
Build Life-Long Friendships
Our cohort style of education gives you the opportunity to do life with a community of likeminded people who will become lifelong friends.
Grow Deeper With God
Deepen your faith as you pursue God with your friends and faculty through worship, encounter, and discipleship.
Develop Culture
Learn how to build Kingdom culture and take it to any community you find yourself in.


flourish through


Discipleship is at the core of what we do. From the classroom to the marketplace, the home, and our community gatherings,  we’ve cultivated an environment that encourages growth in every aspect of life – intellectually, spiritually, practically, professionally, and missionally. Our team of coaches and mentors lives and works from Excel Black Mountain, and it’s our joy to walk with students through each step of their journey. You’ll be encouraged, challenged, and strengthened as you learn what it’s like to participate in a healthy, flourishing community focused on discipleship. 


and grow by

Experiential Learning.

True education must go beyond the classroom. That’s why experiential learning is a key component in BOTH phases of the program. You’ll discover truth together in a unique classroom experience, learn to manage and take care of a home, and build practical, marketable skills in your place of work – all while building the character and characteristics needed to be a flourishing member of a community. Below are just a few of the network of employers and ministry partners that make experiential learning possible for Excel students.


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At Excel College, I experienced challenge and growth like I could never have imagined. The Core Curriculum led me into a newfound love for God and His Creation as I learned to see him and His world rightly. I came to see life as a WHOLE instead of a collection of PARTS and this laid a foundation for wisdom that will guide me for the rest of my life. My life is fueled by a passion to see and relate rightly with God, his creation, myself and my neighbor and has led me into a position where I get to partner with His Spirit in leading the next generation into the same revelation.

Isaiah Schmidt

Recruiting / Core Faculty

The Excel College Program is exactly what I have been looking for over the last few years in regards to completing my degree. I have been able to use my previous experience as a Squad Leader for the World Race and Intern with G42 Leadership Academy to begin to fulfill my Phase 2 requirements for my emphasis in Community and Program Development. I have already had the opportunity to work alongside leaders at Excel in developing and refining programs for youth and young adults. Excel College’s holistic approach to education and living has already made an impact in my life and I look forward to the growth I get to continue experiencing here professionally and personally.

Nicole Murray

Community & Program Development, C6 Cohort

Are you from one of our partner organizations?

Learn more about how your past experience can count as credit toward your bachelors degree.

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